We believe in making things simple.

After years of experience in the telecoms industry, we created Invictus to provide simple, straightforward telecoms solutions, without unnecessary jargon and complicated language.

Every business needs telecoms solutions. At Invictus, we offer a range of services to find the perfect solution for your business centres, including energy solutions to ensure that you are not paying through the roof for your energy.

Our services also include the hosted telephony service, Gamma Horizon.

Hosted in the cloud, this easy-to-use telephony service uses an internet connection to make and receive calls and effortlessly allows your staff to manage their calls in a simple and straightforward way.

We also offer leased line services, which can provide an uninterrupted private connection to the internet and can be used to connect all your locations together. Leased lines are designed to give you a stable and reliable connection just for you. With high upload and download speeds, leased lines will never give you a slow connection.

And because Gamma Horizon has a fixed cost per user per month, it’s the perfect offering for business centres looking to improve their connectivity.

We help you achieve your business goals

Our services make workspaces perfect for businesses and give them all the tools they need to achieve their best.

To increase productivity and improve customer experience, businesses need communication systems that they can rely on.

The key to having the perfect telecom system is finding the perfect solution that works for your business.

Understanding that no two business are the same, we spend time getting to know you, the way you work and how your services are used.

Using this information, we work with you to tailor the right solution, not the easy one. Streamlining your business with our services is easier than ever.

Not only easy-to-use, resilient and dependable, but also tailored so that you pay only for what you need. Because of this, our services are cost effective, giving you a better return on investment while increasing productivity.


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