For estate agents, we know how important your communications system is for your business.

Helping you connect to and communicate with your agents, clients, prospects and business relationships, having a telecommunication system that works for your company is a vital part of your success. We believe in making things simple. After years of experience in the telecoms industry, we created Invictus to provide simple, straightforward telecoms solutions for your business, without unnecessary jargon and complicated language.

The key to having the perfect telecom system is finding the perfect solution that works for your business. At Invictus, we understand that no two estate agents are alike or work in the exact same way. Looking at the world through your eyes, we spend time getting to know your business and the way that you work. Using this information, we work with you to tailor the right solution, not the easy one.

Helping you achieve your goals

To help you achieve your business goals and maintain great customer relationships, we have a range of services and telecoms solutions perfect for your business.

This includes our hosted telephony service Gamma Horizon, designed to make communications simple.

Hosted in the cloud rather than a piece of hardware, the hosted telephony lets your handsets, mobiles or other devices make and receive calls by using an internet connection. With an easy-to-use interface, Gamma Horizon makes communication easy and increases your customer experience by letting your employees manage their calls in a simple and straightforward way.

In your the estate agency business, you may have several employees who work on the road. When they’re on the move, we know how important it is for them to be contactable and able to access their work from their mobile phones.

That’s why we also offer a range of business mobile solutions to increase productivity, accessibility and communication in and outside of the office.

Finding the perfect solution for you, streamlining your business with our services is easier than ever.


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