Hosted telephony is a communications system that is hosted in the cloud, rather than a piece of hardware in your business premises.

With hosted telephony, your handsets, mobiles or other devices use an internet connection to make and receive calls. At Invictus, we offer the best technological advancements with the Gamma Horizon hosted telephony service.

Gamma Horizon is a complete cloud communications system, perfect for those who want flexibility, control, scalability, improved monitoring and security in their communications systems. With an easy-to-use web portal, Gamma Horizon has a range of fixed and mobile telephony services to suit your business.

With a variety of features, the Gamma Horizon can be easily controlled and administered to your requirements through the web, taking the burden away from your IT team. Using this hosted telephony system, your employees can manage their calls in a simple and straightforward way.

Making communications simple, the Gamma Horizon telephony service lets your employees get back to doing what they do best, increasing productivity at your business.

Available in five-year lease deals or monthly contracts with a library of bolt-on features, Gamma Horizon delivers a host of business benefits, including:


The Gamma Horizon can adapt and grow, just as your business does. Easily connecting multiple sites, the telephony solution can seamlessly transfer calls to another location, integrate with your company CRM and corporate directory and implement call schedules in minutes.


Based in the cloud, the hosted telephony system has duplicate data centres to backup and recover your data in a disaster, as well as 24/7 support for added peace of mind.

Easy to use.

The Gamma Horizon’s interface gives you feature control and user information, allowing you to make changes with the click of a button.

Cost effective.

The hosted telephony service gives your company free local, national and mobile calls with no upfront charges and just one monthly cost. 


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