Leased lines can ensure your business stays connected.

They can connect different physical sites or locations, letting your offices communicate seamlessly and allowing staff to access their work computers from remote locations.

Leased lines could also connect a site to the internet, or carry other data such as phone calls.

Leased lines are most often used as an internet connection, as they provide a fixed, guaranteed bandwidth connection that isn’t shared with anyone else. With a leased line, you have an internet connection that’s just for you.

In today’s online age, it’s important to have a dependable internet connection.

At Invictus, we know how much slow or failing internet connections can impact your business, decreasing productivity, wasting time and money and causing frustration with your employees.

Leased lines are designed to give you a stable and reliable connection, no matter what. Letting you send or receive large files, access a lot of content or just provide the best experience possible for your customers, leased lines are the perfect solution for you.

Available in a range of different bandwidth amounts with the same upload and download speeds, leased lines offer something that broadband simply can’t deliver.

Getting to know your business, we design a tailored solution just for you.


Leased lines have the same upload and download speeds with zero interruptions, allowing to your increase your businesses productivity.  

High speeds.

With a connection just for you, leased lines give you high-speed internet at all times.


Leased lines can grow with your business, making sure all your locations are connected.  


Build your perfect plan that lets you pay for only what you need, making leased lines perfect for businesses of all sizes.


Our team offers support every step of the way as well as 24/7 monitoring, giving you extra security and dependability in your leased lines. 


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